BibleMax Geneva Bible 1587

BibleMax Geneva Bible 1587

BibleMax module featuring the Geneva version of the Bible
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During the ruling of Mary I of England, Protestant people were persecuted and the Bible was forbidden. Several English Protestant scholars fleed to Geneva, in Switzerland, and produced an English translation of the Scriptures, mainly based on Hebrew and Greex texts. This version of the Bible was the one read by such figures as William Shakespeare, John Bunyan and Oliver Cromwell. Also, this is the version that traveled to America with the English Pilgrims in 1620. This version is preferred by many English-speaking Bible readers due to its strong and vigorous language.

Now you can own an electronic copy of this important version of the Scriptures in the form of an add-in for BibleMax software. BibleMax is a core program which can be enhanced by adding as many modules as you need. Those modules include commentaries, reference texts, maps, and, of course, different versions of the Holy Bible. If you want to obtain the Geneva Bible, as well as other important modules for BibleMax, you can do so by ordering a free CD and paying only the duplication, printing, postage and handling costs.

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  • Historically important
  • Works interactively with commentaries and references


  • It only works with BibleMax software
  • Can be obtained only by ordering the free CD
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